Google reveals for 1st time about YouTube $15 Billion a-year business

It is very good step from google to reveal its YouTube Business. YouTube contributes 10% to googles overall revenue. On an annual basis, Google says YouTube generated $15 billion last year and contributed 10 percent to all Google revenue. Those figures make YouTube’s ad business nearly one 5th the size of Facebook’s and more than 6 times bigger than all of Amazon-owned Twitch.

Google also says YouTube has more than 20 million subscribers across its ad free YouTube and Music Premium offerings. as well as more than 2 million subscribers to its paid TV service. Alphabet says revenues from those products are bundled into the “other” category. and it is made $5.3 billion last quarter and also includes hardware like Pixel phone and Google Home speakers. That makes it hard to gauge the specific performance of any one product bundled under that category.

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